Steve Knowlton's Run Across America

3,000 Miles-Las Angelos CA to Mara Largo FL
Save America
Going to Run Across to Save America   

My Mother was tragically killed in August of 2016. She really believed in lifting children up out of their lot in life. She was a librarian for over 20 years and promoted reading to increase their knowledge base. Many of the children came to her school Hungry She used to make meals and hang out with the kids who were felons at the boys youth correctional camp outside Punta Gorda. I'd like to continue her legacy to raise money for unfortunate children that need a lift up in our society. Please help me raise money for these youth as I Run Across America I'm looking for sponsors also to help with my personal cost of the run and will donate the proceeds to an organization that helps children stay on equal ground. I am running across America to raise money for Save the Children US. My mother helped children and young adults throughout her entire life   Helped with teaching, feeding and helped them into college through PEO. I am continuing her legacy since her tragic death in 2016.  I'll be running over 3,000 miles from Las Angelos CA to Mara Largo FL. Please help raise money for America's less fortunate kids and help me cover my expenses to get across. I hope to cover close to 50 miles a day   God bless and thank you

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My new Book is out "Longer I Run" An inspiring story of enduring years of alcoholism and crohns disease  Read exciting chapters of the ups and downs of my life in seemingly hopeless times and how through the help from above was able to "Never Give Up" and run across America in 2010 from Seattle Washington to Key Largo Florida
A sincere thank you to our Veterans, My family, friends wonderful people across America and Joe Johnson Founder of TRUSTVETS for their help and support getting me across this Country safely in 2014
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When I was an eighth grader my English teacher Mr. Dodge had us do a book report and I decided to write about "Walk Across America", by Peter Jenkins. This awoke in me a spirit of adventure. I ran my first marathon that year and I knew one day I would run across America. I knew I had to run across America and do whatever it took to accomplish it.  I was very inspired by my Mother and Father who ran over 40 marathons himself and always encouraged by my parents

I ran across this beautiful Country in 2010, from Seattle, Washington to Key Largo, Florida 3,717 miles in 100 days. During one stretch of my run pushing a 80 lb stroller through Wyoming, I ran 45 miles up the Elk Mountain, the next day ran 54 miles to Laramie and another 50 miles to Cheyenne. I have also run 46 marathons and seven ultra marathons many over 50 miles (one was 70 miles the equivalent of over two and a half marathons!). I found my running inspiration when my Dad ran the City of Lakes marathon when I was 12. I thought I should be able to do that, so I ran Grandmas Marathon in 1979 when I was 13 yrs old, the youngest one to finish that year. I credit my Father for getting me into long distance running, he also has run about 40 marathons. I thank my Mother for instilling in me my Spiritual Strength and relationship with God. I remember so many Sunday mornings hoping my parents would sleep in so I could watch the John Gallos Comedy hour, she knew what was important, thanks Mom.



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